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When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, hiring the best independent Mercedes-Benz team of specialists is a must. An advanced vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz, requires expert service, and with 20+ years of experience, our team of FINCH MOTORS is completely knowledgeable and equipped to provide the required top-level premium service. Meet our team.

Mercedes Benz Specialist in London Team

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  • General Manager
  • Engine and Gearbox Mercedes-Benz Specialst
  • Mechanic/workshop organizer
  • Mechanic/Electrican/Diagnosis
  • Office Manager

Marcin Zieba

General Manager

Tomek Machowski

Engine and Gearbox Mercedes-Benz Specialst

Denis Bodzak

Mechanic/workshop organizer

Janusz Liszka


Justyna Piekoszewska

Office Manager

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